About Project infinity

We all consume, it’s unavoidable. We all have to eat, wear clothes, live somewhere and do something with our lives and in the process we consume. We consume every time we buy or use something, but we don’t really think about where the things come from or where it goes after we’ve used it. Project infinity is about learning how to consume consciously so we can all find a better way of using what we’ve got. It’s about taking the time to make conscious consumption decisions and acknowledging the impact of those decisions.

To make the things we consume we need to use natural resources. At the moment we’re going on as if there’s an infinite supply. Unfortunately we live on a planet with finite resources. Project infinity is about sustainability, minimalism, zero waste and vegan lifestyles. It’s about supporting organic farmers to reduce the chemicals we’re exposed to. It’s about choosing safe cosmetics and making ethical clothing choices. It’s about choosing things that have a positive impact on your life, the lives of others and the environment. It’s not about doing everything right, it’s just about doing something. None of us can afford not to.

PROJECT INFINITY aims to share inspirational stories of every day people who have decided to become change makers and consume consciously. Perhaps you have also made changes in your life that you'd like to share or maybe your just starting out and becoming aware of the impact of your consumption. We will soon start a 'Make a change' project which aims to bring people together to help each other make small changes with big long term impacts. If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch on Wechat or Facebook for more information.

Scan the QR code to follow PROJECT INFINITY on Wechat   Facebook: @exploreprojectinfinity  Instagram: exploreprojectinfinity 

Scan the QR code to follow PROJECT INFINITY on Wechat 

Facebook: @exploreprojectinfinity

Instagram: exploreprojectinfinity